Located at Compass Point Dive Resort in East End, watch live Sports, enjoy great food and a refreshing ocean front beverage.


Island Time View

Located on the East End Coast of Grand Cayman within the compounds of Caymans #1 Dive Resort Ocean Frontiers, lies a hidden paradise. 40 feet above sea level, watch the Dive Boats stock up their air tanks and head out through the turquoise blue water to the pristine reefs.

Lion Fish Tacos

Eagle Ray's showcases the fight against the infamous Lion-Fish. With over 30 thousand pounds taken from Grand Cayman and surrounding areas, this is the only place that regularly serves everyone's favourite marine pest.

Casual Atmosphere

No shoes! No Shirt! No Problem... with a dive pool to chill out in, or just admire spectacular ocean views,and enjoy one of our island cocktails. Eagle Rays friendly staff will have you relaxed and on Island Time in seconds.